We are in Business of Changing female lives; we are pioneers in providing professional safari and Trekking adventures by using all female guides and assistants to organize our trips in Tanzania.

We have been creating adventure holidays and vacation trips for people of all abilities We are Tanzania’s only safari and trekking provider operated and guided by all female guides and porters and our profits are invested back into our communities through women social groups.

Mama Africa is a women guides platform to train, motivate, inspire and work freely. We wanted to empower them and in return empower families and bridge the gender gap in Tanzania tourism. It started as a dream but with a lot of hard work quickly laid the foundations for what Mama Africa Safari is today.

We train and employ only women for organizing, head and running our trips, a policy which serves as a unique example to all women in Tanzania and we are as yet the only agency in Tanzania using only female guides in some of our tours but all the trips are organized and prepared by women themselves. We believe in providing quality and good service.

Why Traveling with us

Mama Africa Safari Safari, uses specialist local female guides throughout, whose aim is to provide authentic and original experiences for all our guests. We can introduce you to the people of the areas we visit because they are our friends. We speak the languages and know the history because it is our history and we want to share it with the rest of the world. We believe that peace and understanding on a world scale can only come when people of different cultures meet and interact.

Our mission is to add positive benefit to the female guides, we want to inspire, train and empower them. We ensure that, whenever possible, the money we spend goes directly to the families and local people of that region by staying in locally run hotels and using local female guides. As we believe by empowering the woman you empower the whole society.

The first and most important point that we would like to make absolutely clear is that community developments in places we live and you travel is utterly dependent upon the revenues we generated from our customers.

We need to maintain and increase the numbers of people travel to our region each year to continue supporting our mission to add a positive benefit to the female guides in Tanzania, we want to inspire, train and empower them. We ensure that, whenever possible, the money we spend goes directly to their guiding education, skills and field practice.

Your trip will represent a significant contribution to the empowerment of these great young girls and be the part of reducing gender inequality in Tanzania tourism for future generations, when you travel It is money spent in a positive direction. Especially if you choose to travel with Mama Africa Safari.

Women empowerment through tourism sector and Community development is the primary reasons we first set up our little company and continues to be our driving passion.

We go to great lengths to make sure that as much of your money as possible goes to suppliers, organizations and good people on the ground run by local female entrepreneur who are working to further community development  and ethical employment on gender quality, As we believe by empowering the woman you empower the whole society.

As well as helping female guides, we also aim to support the preservation of culture. Our guides are highly knowledgeable about the places you visit and history behind them, they are more than happy to tell you about the real Tanzania. When using our services you will get a closer look at the traditional way of life in a way you could never forget. If you wish, you may even get the chance to try working with local communities in the fields and in their homes. While traveling to Tanzania, you will of course observe the local flora and fauna, which our guides are always willing to tell you about.

We always thriving to understand our customers where they are coming from and if possible their profile, our safari experts and guides will always trained to help you not just to visit places but to get out there and explore.

We received and treat our guests with the open, honest and superior approach that we have always thrived to keep. Most of our guests tend to make their own travel arrangements (tailor-made) but there are more than happy to use our expertise services when it comes to kind of few complexities to travel to Africa

Most of our tours include a mix of activities, culture, wildlife and sightseeing, so you get a little more of everything, but we also offer a range of dedicated tours for those who want to focus on a particular activity.

We tailor-make every single trip, so virtually no two groups of guests end up doing exactly the same thing. Whilst we have certain patterns which we know work well and which we tend to use as starting points, ultimately we will help you to craft your trip into any shape you wish.

Specialist tour types include walking, family, wildlife, volunteering and trekking vacations. You can also choose the comfort level for you, from budget camping, mid-range or luxury tours so it's up to you whether you'd prefer to camp in the great outdoors or sleep with a roof over your head. Our business is very complex and we pride ourselves on our ability to maintain this flexible approach.

We always strive is to deliver your trip for the best possible prices. We guarantee that the total cost of a trip booked through us will never be more expensive, we also expect our quotations to be amongst the lowest priced against other tailor-made safari companies and we guarantee to match or beat any legitimate competitive quotation. Even more importantly, we aim to deliver your trip within budget. The last thing we want you to do is spend more that you want. There are lots of ways that we can vary the overall price, by choosing different lodges, varying the dates, taking advantage of special offers etc.

All of our quotations show fully itemized prices, so that you can see exactly how much each element included on price and exactly what is not included. You give us your budget and we will always try to provide you with a range of options above and below, explaining where it might be worth spending a little more and where it is possible to get away with spending less.

Please do consider ourselves as your representatives, trying our utmost to get you the best possible trip at the best possible price, all our customers are quoted the same prices from the outset. We won't try to charge you more because of your address, the way you sound on the phone or the generous budget that you provide, we just aren't that kind of company.

Our team are chosen for their professionalism, unbridled passion to explore and a desire to share the experience with customers, the good thing is that we are working hard to train them ourselves. They are frequently do almost every activity there is, and are keen to introduce you to the places that they call home.

Our team will organize activities and no doubt show you secret spots along the way. Ultimately they are there to make sure you get the most out of your adventure.

During travel

Whilst you are actually traveling your primary source of support comes from the various transport and lodge operators on the ground, who will seamlessly assist you from place to place. The majority of our partners have such a close relationship with us that you may not even have to show your paperwork throughout the whole trip, everyone will be expecting you.

For your further support we maintain a specialist Operations Department, which will assist you in coordinating any changes or rectifying any problems or request during your trip

After travel

Once you have returned home we are still here to help, especially in the rare event that you have any complaints or need to seek reimbursement for services which have not been properly delivered. Please remember that you are our customer and we are your representatives, so we will most definitely be in your corner in the event of a reasonable claim.

Much more likely, your trip will have been a blast and that you will want to get in touch with us to provide positive feedback. Nothing makes us happier!


Emmanuela Kimaro

Founder&Managing Director

Mama Africa Safari

Tell: +255 754841 851





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