Africa Overland Adventures

We all love Travel adventure and may be your passion may be big cats, birds, wildlife safaris, photography, travelling, camping, angling, adventure sports, culture, history, meeting people.. (Off course the list goes on), or simply relaxing in the serenity of a remote wilderness...

Our Africa overland trips through wether Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda or both allows you to experience all of that and much more. With hundreds different types of mammals, more than thousands bird species, the world's reptilians it is one of the naturally most diverse part of Africa. Boasting spectacular wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and biosphere reserves, East Africa will never let you run out of options

With one of the wonders of the world Ngorongoro Crater, towering volcanic mountain like Kilimanjaro, culture rich community of Maasai, Gorilla Habituation in Uganda these three countries really has something to suit every taste.

On Our Africa Overland, we assure that the destinations you will reach are a perfect amalgam of the most famous names and lots of offbeat places,  high altitude parks, Beach Holidays,  remoteness and some spots where probably no tourist has ever ventured.

We wish every active member of this world to taste this trip kinds and feel inside what is really going down to earth.

Best Time to Go: June to October, January to February High Season: July to November, January and February.
''All  of our tours can be customized to wheelchair and other disabilities accessibility''

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