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Welcome to Tanzania, Africa’s top safari destination. When you decided to book your travel  with Mama Africa Safari & Trekking, we will give you the best advice for when you can travel here so you will maximize the wildlife viewing that is  out of this world and big cats that are especially easy to see. The members of the Big Five can be found in various Tanzanian parks and reserves, and all five are present in the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park. Almost a half of the country is protected and set aside for conservation, which means that it’s easy to go on a Tanzania safari for two full weeks and drive from park to park while rarely leaving the bush.

About Mama Africa Safari & Trekking

My name is Judith James. I am the founder of Mama Africa Safari & Trekking Tanzania. For over 5 years, I’ve been passionately organizing individual and Group trips, tours and Safaris to Tanzania.

Our Story

Adventure specialist’s women, for unique local experiences...

Mama Africa Safari & Trekking was established in 2017, as a family business, and like most small businesses had a fine reputation for personalized and boutique services.
We Empower Women Through Tourism:

Today, 5 years later, we are proud to be the pioneer in providing professional safari and Trekking adventures by using most women specialists and guides, as well as rated as one of the leading women owned tour operators in Tanzania.

We send thank you note to our previous and potential Customers, because their bookings with us, represents a significant contribution to the empowerment of local women enterprises and young girls wellbeing.

Our Tours & Safaris

As we look ahead, we are excited about the progress of tourism in Tanzania and the future for Mama Africa Safari & Trekking, the part it plays in empowerment of women through Tourism and the increase in participation of Women in tourism in Tanzania.
The facilities available to our visitors to Tanzania continue to improve. With this, we are able to provide a better African Experience.

Tanzania Luxury Safari

Our luxury offerings range from exclusive 5-stars safari lodges and smart tented camps to private villas and stylish hotels. Whether you want wildlife safari or to relax at the beach, we can help to plan the perfect luxury holiday.

Tanzania Affordable Safari

Standard budget safaris are for the traveller who wishes to experience Tanzania’s wilderness in comfort and ease, you will be out exploring the wilderness and in the evenings you will enjoy all the amenities your tented lodges has to offer.

Tanzania Low Budget Safari

You will camp in public campsites, located inside the park or on private campsites on the outskirts. therefore perfect for nature lovers and those who are looking for a break from civilization and its comforts in an affordable way.

Tanzania Safari with Children

Planning a vacation with young children you’ll be hard to find a better experience that exposes your kids to nature, wildlife and African cultures. It’s a getaway that’s both entertaining and educational for the youngest in the family.

Tanzania Honeymoon Safari

The romance to Tanzania's wild places, a simple escape in the bush lit by candles and stars or a stunning castaway beach to unwind on together, we can create your perfect Tanzania honeymoon.


Tanzania Safari for Senior Travellers

Ease, accessibility, and wonder are yours with the celebrated traditions of an Tanzania Safari designed specifically for senior travelers, you can discover elusive wildlife, visit local communities, and experience grand perspective. .

Tanzania Wheelchair Accessible Safari

A wheelchair-friendly Tanzania safari holiday, we used a private vehicle and guide for the safari and a larger vehicle type (a seven-seater for three guests, plus guides and one assistant) to ensure there was plenty of space and everyone was comfortable.

Tanzania Safari with Cultural Tours

Due to the large ethnic differences, the Tanzanian culture is very diverse. During your trip, it’s possible to get acquainted with these different cultures and to familiarised with the Tanzanians in an authentic way.

Tanzania Motorcycle Tours

Tanzania Off-Road Motorcycle tours where you would Hardly Go Alone. Entirely Organized Motorcycle tours With Back up Vehicles, Mechanics, Spare Parts and Anything Else You May Need In Order To Maximize Safety.

Tanzania cycling Tours

A great way for the adventurous and physically fit to explore the natural bounty of Tanzania in an up close and personal way. Longer, multi-day tours are available, as are shorter day excursions to mix into your traditional game drive.

Tanzania Walking Safari

Experiencing Tanzania's wilderness is integral to our trips, and the better way is on foot. Walking safaris are completely different to game drives – being on foot brings about a totally new way of understanding your surroundings.

Our Trekking Tours

Choose from our range of Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes and othe Trekking Adventures. Follow your passion for Trekking, from experiencing unique cultures and indulging in a little Adventure to exploring the Trekking to the Highest point Of Africa, the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

kilimanjaro Climbing Machame Route

The most popular route on the mountain, the days on are longer and the walks are steeper. The route is considered a difficult route, and is better suited for more adventurous folks and those with some hiking or backpacking experience.

kilimanjaro Climbing Marangu Route

It is the oldest, most well established route. Many choose the Marangu route because it is considered to be the easiest path on the mountain, given its gradual slope. It is also the only route which offers sleeping huts in dormitory style accommodations.

kilimanjaro Climbing Lemosho Route

The most beautiful route on Kilimanjaro and grants panoramic vistas on various sides of the mountain. It is our favorite route because it offers a great balance of low traffic, scenic views and a high summit success rate.

kilimanjaro Climbing Rongai Route

The Rongai route is the only route that approaches Kilimanjaro from the north, it gaining popularity and has low traffic. Preferred For those who would like a more remote hike, and for those who are climbing during the rainy season

kilimanjaro Climbing Northern Circuit Route

The Northern Circuit route is a nine day climb, which is the longest route in terms of time and distance travelled. The days spent at around 13,000 feet are great for acclimatization, resulting in the highest success rates for all routes on Mount Kilimanjaro.

kilimanjaro Climbing Shira Route

On the Shira route first day on the mountain, climbers begin their hike from 11,800 feet (3,600 m) and spend their first night at the same elevation at Simba Camp. Then, the route merges with Lemosho and follows the southern circuit route.

kilimanjaro Summit By Bicycle Kilema route

The Kilema route is a special route set for mountain bike adventures and cycling to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the route measures (19km) long and cyclists usually meet their porters at Horombo before they embark on their bicycle journey to the summit.

Why Book with Mama Africa Safari & Trekking

For your trip of a lifetime, you want to use the best operator while empowering the local economy. Booking through Mama Africa Safaris & Trekking gives you the security of knowing that your safari is in the hands of a trusted, professional tour operator. We pride ourselves on being friendly, straight-talking and responsible safari experts with in-depth local knowledge.

Truly Responsible Safari & Trekking Operator

Your trip will represent a significant contribution to the empowerment of local women enterprises and Young Girls tourism and conservation education in the areas you travel, and make a positive impact to the local economy.

Local Women Safari & Trekking Experts

Our company represents local women who are absolutely passionate about travel in Africa. All our specialists have travelled extensively or lived in these specialist regions. The same specialist will handle your trip from start to finish.

best price guarantee, No Hidden Cost

If You find better rate, we will match it. Our relationship with hotels operators means you get the best rates. Tailor Made, full service itineraries includes transfers, Meals, Accommodations at no extra cost to you.

100% Taillor Made Holidays and Tours

Your entire holiday is designed around your requirements. Whatever your wish list, let us tailor make the best African safari for you. Select your preferred style of accommodation and Create the perfect trip with the help of our specialists

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