Zanzibar Islands

Zanzibar Island, along with Pemba Island to the north, are referred to as the Spice Islands. Zanzibar is best known as a tropical beach paradise, which is easily combined with a safari in Tanzania or Kenya. The history here harks back to ancient trade routes. In Stone Town, Indo-Arabic influences intertwine with African Swahili origins to create a heady fusion of sights, sounds and scents. Whether you’re looking for the culture and bustle of historic cobbled streets in Stone Town or the peaceful beaches and the warm Indian Ocean with its dhow trips and excellent diving, Zanzibar is simply paradise.

Planning your Zanzibar Beach Holidays

Imagine a dream holiday to the tropical island Zanzibar. This bounty island is a paradise, offering the world’s most beautiful beaches and coral reefs. Miles and miles of white sandy beaches sprinkled with palm trees, surrounded by the clear azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Apart from laid back beach life, Zanzibar also has a colorful culture and history.

Stone Town is well worth a visit. This fascinating old city offers so many nice markets, restaurants and historical sightseeing’s. Zanzibar Island is part of the Zanzibar archipelago together with Pemba and Mafia and many smaller islands. These islands are also called the Spice Islands because of its rich history in spice trade and many spice plantations. Great beach destinations to wash off the dust after your safari.

Zanzibar Stone Town Tour

Stone Town is buzzing with history, climate, and lovely adventure. Yet, the tight roads are interesting to explore so join a local guide and focus on the sights, sounds, and stories instead of your road map! Getting absorbed with Stone Town atmosphere is a certain something while comprehending the set of experiences is very another.
Interestingly, Stone Town is well-known to be the oldest city in East Africa with a ton of histories from Europeans, Indians, Arabs, and many more! During the stone town evening walking tour, tourists will visit and explore all milestones in Stone Town including the Darajani Market, Old fort, Hamamni Baths, House of Wonders, Anglican Cathedral, Sultan Palace, Slave chambers, and etc

Prison Island & Nakupenda Beach Tour

A full day guided tour that highlights both Prison Island’s tour which incorporate the visitation to giant’s tortoises, as well as exploring Nakupenda Beach featuring sunbathing, snorkeling, have a taste of Seas foods as well as seasoned fresh fruits.

Prison island and Nakupenda beach is a full-day trip that begins from forodhani garden known to be the heart of stone town in the morning, lunch on shoal outing, swimming, and beach relaxation.

Further, tourist can relax on the sandbank or find-out about the marine life around the sandbank prior to riding boat or cruising back to Stone Town or pick up location.

The tour incorporates a trip back on the boat and sails you off you to Nakupenda beach. Here we’ll have an ideal opportunity to unwind in the Tanzanian sun or take a dip in the turquoise waters. In addition, tourist will have delicious meals including a lunch of fish and tropical fresh fruits.

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Zanzibar Spice Tour

Zanzibar was known as the spice island during the nineteenth century. Clove cultivating specifically prospered in the island in view of the rich soils and heat and humidity. Later on, ginger, vanilla, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg were presented for huge scope development. Developing of what to do in Zanzibar spices are still mainstream and rewarding on the island. It is feasible for tourists to proceed to visit these plantations to find out about how spices are developed and the significant job they play in the economy of Zanzibar.

While visiting the Spice Plantation, expect to taste and smell items from cinnamon, breadfruit, lime, coconut, cloves, nutmeg, dark pepper, coriander, bananas, jackfruits, mangoes, and dark pepper. You can likewise figure out how to prepare nearby food utilizing the species filled in the estate. Notwithstanding the plantation you are opportune to tour, a Spice tour in Zanzibar is educative and takes somewhere in the range of two and three hours.

Zanzibar Dolfin Tour

Dolphin tour in Zanzibar is a half-day Tour which is done at Kizimkazi fishing village, the south shoreline of the island, the apex fascination in this tour is having the option to swim near the dolphin, for the individuals who are fortunate they can even play with them for a couple of hours. The village is home to a few schools of fish and container-nosed dolphins and Humpback dolphins, which are discovered an only couple of meters from the beach. Kizimkazi is additionally known for its chronicled site of the old mosque which was assembled twelfth century prior.

For the individuals who like to engage in Snorkeling, we guarantee them this is the best occasion for them if you don’t mind accompany your bathing suits and be prepared to get wet, covers, swimming glasses, and flippers will be given, you can jump into the completely clear waters of the Indian Ocean, or loosen up and absorb the sun on the beach. It is the ideal retreat to the far off islands of Chumbe or Pongwe Bay where you can appreciate the coral nurseries of Kizimkazi.

Zanzibar Safari Blue Tour

Safari Blue Tour that begins in the fishing town of Fumba in the wonderful region around the Menai Bay, south-west of Zanzibar with excellent sandy beaches, islands, tidal ponds, and lovely view. The boat utilized is the traditional mahogany dhows that Zanzibar is famous for. The entire tour is planned as a comfortable day of swimming, snorkeling around the coral reefs, appreciate and delight in wonderful environmental factors that solitary the turquoise Indian Ocean gloats can show you. During the tour, you are served snacks, coconuts, and lunch.

Snorkeling is one of the numerous valued activities for tourists who take a couple of day’s tours in Zanzibar. In any case, there are additionally some other energizing and intriguing things you can do during your Safari blue tour.  Snorkeling is additionally the fundamental activity, whereby tourist will be taken to the coral reef and the zones which are acceptable and have a bright school of fish.

After the lunch at Kwale island, there will be a short tour of the antiquated baobab tree which is said to have over 200 years now, on our way back to the Fumba beach we will again have occasion to swim in the characteristic pool close to the Kwale island, we ordinarily finish our tour around 4:00 pm.

Mnemba Atoll Snorkelling Tour

Mnemba atoll in Zanzibar Island is a full-day trip for an individual or group which begins from a town called Nungwi, then heads toward the Mnemba Island. This is simply off the northeast bank of the Island but close to Matemwe fishing town. Diving and Snorkeling at Mnemba is magnificent, there are schools of beautiful tropical fish, Mnemba is an outstanding destination for the divers and those snorkeling fans.

The trip begins with a visit to the NungwiMasaai Village Market and nearby community. The Masai Market in Nungwi town is a great spot for purchasing native souvenirs, garments, and works of art. The road market offers an Attraction in Stone Town Zanzibar opportunity to meet local people and strike benevolent discussions about business and life on the island. While visiting the town and market, you will notice their exceptional dressing styles, school, traditional houses, bazaars, to get a thought regarding the sort of daily routine experienced by the island tenants.

After the Nungwi Village visitation, you could likewise look at the night food market for a sample of the nearby cooking styles. These night markets crop up each night as neighborhood cooks start getting ready simmered meat, pizza, samosas, sugar stick juice, and ocean bottom from the side of the road.

Zanzibar Jozani Forest Tour

Jozani Forest is home to the uncommon red colobus monkey. As you stroll through the forest, you’ll find the opportunity to see the monkeys very close and find out about the different plants and creatures that call this spot home.

The tour to JozaniChwaka which the national Park where tourists get to see the rare Red Colobus Monkey JozaniChwaka which is the National Park covers a region of around 6,200 sections of land and is comprised of a general forest.

In the wake of visiting the red colobus, you will tour across to the Pete-Jozani Mangrove Boardwalk. It laces through coral shrubbery vegetation, mangrove backwoods, and across a river. You stroll through mangrove backwoods which is amazingly pivotal to Zanzibar’s biological systems, giving territory to numerous reptiles, snakes, and birdlife just as forestalling the waterfront erosion. Jozani Forest is arranged 38 km southeast of Stone Town. Neighborhood people groups are associated with the task and a portion of your extra charge adds to improvement ventures and to remunerate nearby ranchers whose harvests are regularly harmed by the red colobus monkeys.

Zanzibar Dhow Sunset Cruise

Sunset dhow cruise in Zanzibar is a magnificent sentimental dhow cruise from Stone Town, you will begin your excursion in a traditional Arabian Dhow. We leave from Frodhani garden on the seafront of Stone Town and cruising along the off-shores of the chronicled and entrancing coast while the sun sinks into the Indian sea beginning to paint the town with its pastel astonishing shadings, tourists are taking the ocean see passing around place of marvels, castle historical center, old dispensary, custom house and so forth.

What better approach to see the sunset from out on the water.There are different various ones, from romantic cruises to notable gathering boats most incorporate beverages and as well as some food.

A large portion of the sunset cruises withdraws from the fundamental towns on the West of the island, similar to this 3-hour sunset cruise leaving from Kendwa. You can likewise take cruises from Nungwi and Stone Town.

In case you’re on the east coast – don’t stress, you can at present appreciate the sunset as well. The outright most loved sunset cruise on the island is the dhow which heads out from Michamvi and takes you around Chwaka Bay (the solitary put on the east for sunset).

Mafia Island Tour - Swiming with Whale Shark

The Mafia Island tour is a two day tour where tourists have amazing and lovely experience to destination of uncommon treat available for your marine tour in Tanzania such as swimming with whale sharks. The tour will be a great experience at it encompasses a timeless, peaceful feel where the most essential issue of the day could be going for a long stroll on the fine soft sand beaches, choosing what to have for lunch and supper, appreciating the warm sun and the delicate ocean breezes, all without hordes of tourists and enormous resorts.

Mafia Island has an uncommon treat available for your marine tour in Tanzania such as swimming with whale sharks. They are famous for having the largest fish in the oceans of the world and can extend up to 12 Meters in Length. In particular, these marvelous creatures with their unmistakable spots and stripes markings appear to support the regions around the island and are known to be present practically all year; however best an ideal opportunity to visit is October to March when they are notably seen at the higher surface when feeding. Whale Sharks are totally harmless. As you will be informed in detail during the tour to Mafia Island, exceptional endeavors are being taken to guarantee that these creatures and their taking care of grounds are not upset at all by expanded human activities. Care is likewise considered with the goal that they are not hassled, terrified contacted, or pursued.

Nungwi natural aquarium tour - swimming with turtles

Nungwi village is known to be a traditional village but small that is situated on the North East coast of Zanzibar. Tourists will have the opportunity to examine this traditional fishing village. The tour permits you to visit the neighborhood boatyard to have a view of how fisherman’s dhows are made using the traditional approach. The guide will lead you to visit the turtle aquarium, where you have the opportunity to have a view of different species.

Meanwhile, the tourist will tour various activities of the local individuals in Nungwi Village and Baraka Aquarium, you will have the chance to swim with turtles. Appreciate all the desert essentials, in addition sparkling wine served on the table of your choice during the tour. Observe over 500 species available and know more about marine life. Have a view of astonishing sea creatures including tropical fish, sea turtles, and hammerheads.

Importantly, Tourists can dive deep into the Nungwi Natural Aquarium in North Zanzibar which is the spot for Zanzibar’s significant fish and turtles Natural Aquarium, and experience connecting with displays highlighting in excess of 500 marine species from across the Indian Ocean! Appreciate dynamic corals from the Natural Aquarium and investigate the wonders of the Indian Ocean, like seahorses, arachnids, and crabs.

The Tour Baraka Natural Aquarium is suitable for families with kids, in the children’s region for some better time. Previously or after your aquarium experience, visit one of the lovely beaches close by and take a plunge in the Indian Ocean!

Zanzibar Best Beaches

Zanzibar offers the world’s most beautiful beaches. Soft white sandy beaches surrounded by colourful coral reefs and the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar island has about 25 beaches, sprinkled with fishing villages. Should you stay north or rather choose the south or east coast of Zanzibar?

Zanzibar North Coast Beach

Zanzibar’s best beaches are on the north and east coast of the island, all with crystal white sand and colourful coral reefs. Nungwi and Kendwa are one of the most popular beaches since they do not have to deal with high and low tides. It has a chilled atmosphere with numbers of restaurants, bars and accommodation options. So if you seek real peace and privacy you should visit another part of the island (like the east or south). The north is home to villages like Uroa, Pongwe, Kiwengwa, Nungwi and Kendwa.

Zanzibar East Coast Beach

At the east coast of the island you will find the most idyllic beaches. Along the eastern coastline runs a beautiful coral reef, a top world spot for snorkelling and diving. You can immerse yourself in the abundance of marine life, such as sea horses, turtles and many tropical fish. The beaches at this east coast are very tidal. During low tide you can take a walk on the beach and enjoy the ocean views. If you love wind- or kite surfing this is the right place for you. Matemwe beach is the longest and one of the most beautiful ones at this site of the island. Like in the north, there is a wealth of accommodation options.

Zanzibar South-East Coast Beach

This part of the island is known for its long stretch of soft sandy beaches. It is the best spot on the island for sailing or kite- and windsurfing, thanks to steady winds. Hop on a traditional wooden sailboat (dhow) and sail the ocean, or go swimming with dolphins at Kizimkazi (south). Here you will find little villages like Jambiani, Paje and Bwejuu. These small fishing village have a nice timeless atmosphere with friendly people. One of our favourite villages is Jambiani. Check out why we think Jambiani is the place to be in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar South-West Coast Beach

The south west coast is a bit more remote with fewer lodges and deserted beaches. The beaches in west and south of Zanzibar are less popular, although there are some beautiful beaches with gentle tides. If you visit the south, do not forget to go to Menia Bay Conservation Area. This is a spectacular underwater world for divers. The western coast is home to the fascinating old Stone Town, the cultural and historical centre of Zanzibar.

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